I uploaded my study material but my classmates / I can't view them! Why?

Notes and study guides can sometimes take 12-24 hours to process and upload completely. If it's already been more than 24 hours, let us know!

Send an email to support@studysoup.com with the following information:

  • Your email address (that you use to log into StudySoup)
    • Hint: if you use Facebook to log in, provide the email address you use to log into Facebook
  • The link to your study material
  • A quick explanation that the material is not able to be viewed your classmates
  • Add the document(s) as an attachment to your email - this way we can manually upload the document(s) if we are unable to fix the original one(s) that you uploaded

Providing all of this information when you first reach out to us will save us the step of having to ask you for it - so it's much faster and easier for everyone!



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    This was really concerning me. Had a few classmates who were a bit miffed that my study guide wasn't uploaded, and I'm glad that you have this resource available to use. Thank you!

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