What is the difference between a Marketing Coordinator and a Campus Manager?

Candidates accepted into the Campus Marketing Coordinator program will be tracked into either the Marketing Coordinator or Campus Manager role depending on their previous experience, extracurriculars, leadership potential, and overall strength of their application. 


Campus Marketing Coordinator


Our Marketing Coordinators champion our efforts to grow the StudySoup community. They are outgoing, friendly, and know how to hustle to get things done. Ideal candidates have a strong desire to learn real-world marketing skills, as part of a growing startup culture.


StudySoup Marketing Coordinators focus on growing our campus presence by recruiting their peers to become Elite Notetakers (ENs). To do so, they implement marketing campaigns coordinated by their campus manager.


Campus Managers


Campus Managers make staying connected look easy. These socially savvy students lead our campus operations. They oversee the launch of our platform on their campus and grow StudySoup's presence by executing strategic marketing campaigns.



Campus Managers are strategists. They have the ability to see the big picture and take a strategy from idea to action. Campus Managers lead by example and can lead a team while being a part of it.

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