What is a Study Guide? (and how do I upload it?)

A study guide is a condensed version of all the important information you need to know in order to do well on a test. Making a study guide is easy!

If you've been taking notes during lecture all semester, include the most important concepts and terms covered in each lecture. If you've kept up with the reading, or even taken notes on the reading, make sure to include important concepts from each assigned chapter/section - even include page numbers so your classmates can read more!

Check out https://goo.gl/nuGEp1 for tips and templates!

Remember to upload an awesome study guide 4 days before the exam date to remain eligible for the payment. See how below! 




Running short on time? No worries - if you have all your notes from the semester, just upload each notes document into your StudySoup Study Guide to share with your classmates. That way they'll have all the info from weekly lecture notes!



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