Can I stop anytime? / How to delete my account?

Yes, you may stop at any time. You may allow your account to go inactive, which means you will be able to return to it in a future semester. You may still receive communication from StudySoup in the form of text messages and emails, if you allow your account to go inactive.

If you really would like to delete your account, we can assist you with that, too. Just email us at with the following info:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address (the one you use to log in to your StudySoup account)
    • Hint: if you use Facebook to log in, provide the email address you use to log into Facebook
  3. Phone number & School name

This information will be used to confirm your ownership of the account.

Don't forget to specify that you would like your account to be deleted either in the subject or body of the email.


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