How do I upload my notes?

If your notes are handwritten, take a clear picture of each page, or scan in your material if you have access to a scanner. There are also some great scanning apps available for mobile devices! Check out 

  • Hint: If you take pictures of your materials instead of scanning them, it's best to paste those images into a Word/Google doc, then save that as a PDF before uploading to StudySoup

If it's a typed document, first convert it to a PDF file. You can do this on any word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs by clicking "File", then "Save As", choose where you want it to be saved to, then select PDF from the drop-down menu for the file type.

Your first upload is always offered to your classmates for free. Think of it as a free trial for your classmates -- it builds your reputation and leads to more sales for you down the road. Start uploading your notes by clicking the big “Sell your materials” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen!

Check out the GIFs below to see how easy it is to upload your notes and add their details to the StudySoup website. 





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