My class has exams, but we don't call them midterms. Can I upload study guides for those?

Absolutely! If you have exams for a particular class, you can upload a study guide.

You must have 3 study guides that qualify for payment in at least 1 course in order to qualify for your End-of-Semester Bonus. If you are in a course without formal exams, take a look below to see what might count for uploading a study guide:

The following items qualify for uploading study guides:

  • Exams
  • Midterms
  • Unit Tests
  • Finals

The following items do not qualify for uploading study guides:

  • Quizzes (small/weekly/bi-weekly)
  • Essays/Papers
  • Labs/Lab Reports
  • Projects

If your class does not have any items that would qualify for uploading study guides, you will need to choose a different course to use for StudySoup, or wait until a term where you have a course that better suits the StudySoup model.


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